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Why Madhya Pradesh is perfect family holiday destination!

Written by Kunwar

February 12, 2020

Rarely one can find a travelling destination that appeals to all age groups. However, browsing through several posts and stories on different social media platforms, I got the idea when I saw one of my friends post which was of a three-day trip to Madhya Pradesh. From his eye-catching posts it was quite clear that this destination has almost everything ranging from rich cultural heritage to diverse wildlife, adventure to recreational activities which makes this place worth for a family trip. Madhya Pradesh – Heart of India is a treasure house with several tourist attractions that enhance the experience of travelling even more when planned with a family.

Listed below are some recommended MUST VISIT and FOOD HOGGING places. So read, pack and get set go!!!

Caution: Do Not Miss Rich Wildlife of MP

First and foremost, rich wildlife at Madhya Pradesh is an important facet. While taking a tour around the state in central India, you should never miss this facet. There are 25 wildlife sanctuaries, 6 tiger reserves and 9 national parks in Madhya Pradesh. To explore and experience the exotic wildlife one must take a wildlife safari. Endangered fauna like Royal Bengal Tiger indeed catches the sight of its travelers. Some of the national parks for a wildlife safari are Bandhavgarh National Park, Kanha National Park, Panna National Park, Satpura National Park, Pench National Park. 

Places for Major Attractions:


The popular spot for viewing sunrise and sunset – Dhoopgarh offers a beautiful sight in the whole sky with green horizons which fills one’s heart with pleasure. As, this place presents a scenic view, so one shouldn’t miss it while travelling in Madhya Pradesh.

Dhoopgarh is the highest point in the Satpura Range with a whopping height of 4,430 feet. It is a popular name among trekking enthusiasts. Thus, discover this place by walking along the forest path encompasses gigantic waterfalls and gurgling water streams to catch the sun-set.

Location: Pachmarhi

Timings: It is advisable to trek before sunset

Betwa River Ride

If you decide to add some adrenaline-pumping experiences to your trip to Madhya Pradesh, try one of the best family adventurous activities – rafting in the volatile waters of Betwa River.

The tickets can be booked from Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department and the action starts from the boat club in the historic town of Orchha.

Dense vegetation on both sides of the river will surely give you an ultimate rafting experience as you swift through its path. Depending on the physical and mental strength of the family members, one can add different grades of rapids to make this ride even more thrilling.

Location: Boat Club, Orchha

Rafting Charges: Starts at INR 800 per person

Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM

Gwalior Fort

Gwalior Fort is located on the top of a hillock in Gwalior which is known for its magnificent architecture. The art and history aspects of the fort woo its guests at its best.  The fort is believed to be constructed around the 10th century however, there is no concrete evidence proving the period of its construction precisely. One must visit this site to explore the heritage preserved in the form of Gujari Mahal, Man Mandir Mahal, Karan Mahal, Jahangir Mahal and Shah Jahan Mahal.

Location: Gwalior

Entry Fees: INR 75 per person

Timings: 8 AM to 6 PM


This is a historical town associated with the rich cultural heritage of the region. Historical accounts say that this town was established by Rudra Pratap Singh somewhere around 1501. Its rich cultural look stretched across the banks of River Betwa, is one of the ancient sites to visit. Even the townhouses and some prominent palaces and Hindu temples display the royalness of the Bundela Rajpur Dynasty that once reigned this region.

Location: Orchha, Tikamgarh District

Sanchi Stupa

It is an ancient Buddhist Complex, located on a hilltop in Sanchi Town, whose construction dates as back as to the 3rd century BC. This ancient architecture is both a monastery and a museum featuring Buddhist Stupas. A visit to this marvelous place is something you must not skip on a tour to Madhya Pradesh. It exemplifies the Buddhist religion where time spent would give you a feel like a travel back to ancient South Asia.

Location: Sanchi Town, Raisen District

Timings: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

The Taste of Madhya Pradesh

Now we are done with photo scenic, wonderful places for wanderlust, it’s time to HOG!!! Get ready to drool!!!

Indore, Madhya Pradesh is popular for its delicious local and street food items available at very reasonable rates and tourists are mostly on hunt for these street foods. In short, it is a paradise for foodies. The streets are lit and open till midnight for shopaholics and foodies. Food spree at Chappan Dukan and Sarafa Bazar is a must-try thing for you when you are in Indore.

Below is listed the MUST TRY snacks and food items: 

A Great Bowl of Poha

Poha is a light and healthy dish made with flattened rice along with well-cooked onions, tomatoes, peas and is best savoured with green chillies, curry leaves and a bit of lemon. Popular in all parts of Madhya Pradesh and even more special in Indore.

Daal Bafla

This delicious food is similar to Dal Bati of Rajasthan. Bafla is a mouth-watering healthy dish made of wheat balls cooked well in ghee. The dish is well complemented with a bowl of dal and coriander sauce (Hari chutney). The best Dal Bafla is served in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Gosht Korma

The cuisine of Madhya Pradesh has got its taste from Mughlai cuisine. Bhopali Gosht Korma is one such dish. A plate of Gosht Korma is a spicy mutton dish with nawabi flavours added to it. The best Gosht Korma will be served to you in Bhopal.

Great Land for Kebabs!

Mughal style cooked Seekh Kebabs, Keema, Korma, Shammi Kebabs are a few other most savoured non-vegetarian Mughalai dishes of Madhya Pradesh. Well-minced meat is presented in a wrap and can make your mouth water and melt your heart.

Bhopal is comparatively a peaceful place in Madhya Pradesh. Locals are not too noisy; it depends on how well you can manage yourself here.

As now it’s all set in your mind so, are you planning to explore this beautiful place? If yes, then certainly the stunning views will set you in for a visual treat when you take a Madhya Pradesh tour!

While road tripping around MP, don’t forget to check out these amazing dhabas serving local cuisines!  

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