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Take care of these 8 things when camping with kids or family in India!

Written by Kunwar

February 18, 2020

Camping out in a perfect nature-centric place is one of the best adventures that a family should plan out and go. Kids go crazy about camping and for parents, it’s a beautiful opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones. Being out in nature, cooking on your own, building tents, making a campfire and listening to favourite melodies sounds great—but to have a wonderful camping experience, it requires proper planning and preparation. You plan well so that you don’t go “Oh god” as you search for bug spray or toilet papers.

Here are some important things that you MUST keep in mind while camping:

1.  Pick Pack and First Aid Kit

Do check the weather forecast and pack your clothes accordingly. Moreover, keep your body condition in mind while packing clothes. As the temperature falls in nights, so keep thermals and blankets along with extra layered clothes. Make sure the clothes, blankets, and accessories you pack are nicely folded and stuffed in so that you don’t have to carry huge bags. Rolled clothes with threads are easy to use and put back. Easy for kids and adults! Keep these things dry and take extra paper bags or wet bags to put in your used clothes/ wet clothes. 

Insect bites scrapes and cuts are inevitable when camping in the woods. Thus, it is important to carry a proper medical kit. Keep bug and mosquitos’ repellent in the form of spray or cream. Use ziplock bags to segregate the medical items. Keep it away from kids’ contact.

2. Sanitary Bins & Storage Kits   

Important sanitary items like the toilet papers, hand wash, wet wipes, deodorants to keep yourself fresh must be kept in a separate kit bag and make sure none of them leak or get wet. Have storage bins that will come handy to put in waste of extra materials while camping in the tent. Take torch lights and power banks!

3. Food & Utensils

Carry disposable and degradable food package covers. Carry Kettle which will come handy to have some hot water, tea or coffee before the morning walk. Carry sealed packed cold food items that will stay over without getting spoilt for a few days. Carry dishes that are easy to wash (like that of pseudoplastic) with minimal water so that you can keep it hygienic. Carry flasks and enough water cans.

4. Campfire Equipment & Toys

Campfire is the most important part of spending evening time at the camp. Take plenty of matchsticks and lighters. Used toilet paper rolls and lint help the logs in catching up fire easily.

To keep the kids constantly entertained, carry a small play kit consisting of football, soccer ball, or baseball. If they are into adventure then binoculars, magnifying glass, bug keeper, butterfly net, etc., should be there in kit. Few books and deck of cards might entertain the adults as well.

5. Take Safer Route

Camping sites are often located in isolated regions. When with family & kids, it is highly advisable not to take any chance and opt for a safer route to reach your destination. Take the help of locals along with Google maps to select the safest route. Make sure that there are highway restaurants and hotels with hygienic washrooms on the route.

6. Choosing Campsite

It is highly advisable to find a campsite which is easily accessible and appropriate for kids as well. Instead of taking a remote location, you can camp near the roadside or closer to civilisation for the safety of your own and others.

7. Be Mentally Prepared for all type of weather

From the very start of choosing the campsite till staying there, it is important to be aware of the varying weather condition. As mentioned above, if you pack things that help you even in the worst weather conditions, like that of rain and strong winds, then it will be safe and secure camping. Umbrellas, extra wind sheets, caps, sunscreen, moisturiser are a few handy things.

8. Tell them about Nature!

While camping with kids, it is important to teach them about nature’s importance and its presence. Kids should learn about climate change and ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint. 

Keeping all the smart gadgets like phones, laptops, etc aside and enjoy the lush greens and the blue sky. Breathing fresh air literally tells you the importance of being in a non-polluted place.

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