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Why you deserve Sariska Tiger Reserve this monsoon?

Written by Kunwar

August 23, 2019

Unlike most of the wildlife sanctuaries, Sariska is the one which is remains open to outsiders even during monsoon months of July, August and September. The Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary known as the hunting grounds of the Maharaja of Alwar spreads across 800 sq. km of land amidst the captivating Aravali Hills. There are many land terrains found in this tiger reserve like rocky terrain, wide grasslands, hill slopes and sharp cliffs, dry and arid shrub forests and more.

There is also a protected area where one can witness the rare Royal Bengal tiger in this Sariska. You can also visit other magnificent architecture temples that date back to tenth century within this place. The idea way to see the area is from the renowned Kankwari fort. Neelkanth Mahadev temple constructed by Bargujars nearby can also take your attention.

During the monsoon season beginning from July to September, though the region does not receive lot of rainfall, but the forest turns lush green. With the limited rainfall, the area still transforms into a scenic one. Temperature turns into a pleasant range of 25°C -38°C.

Wildlife Safari in Sariska National Park

This is one of the incredible adventure activities for wildlife lovers and nature seekers. The Wildlife Safari in Sariska National Park is one of the perfect experiences to step inside Sariska. They offer Sariska Wildlife Camps at close proximity to the Tiger Reserve and amazing nature views from resorts. While camping you can have a magical time with your family and friends enjoying all the basic amenities given. For finest wildlife tour of Sariska Tiger Reserve book a tour by Jeep Safari at the Forest Reception Center located on Jaipur road.


The monsoon season let us explore the gorgeous flora in the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary because much plantation dries up in summer months. Mostly, the region topography is home to hill cliffs, rocky terrain, dry and arid forests and more.

Much of the reserve is covered with Dhok, Khair, Ber and Tendu of various deciduous trees and shrubs. They cover much of the tree plantations in the wildlife sanctuary but also include plants formed in moist regions like bamboos, Bahera, Arjun, Jamoon, Aam and more. That grows to decent size at the banks of numerous water streams.


Whenever we think about the wildlife safari the first thing that comes to our mind are the big cats and Royal Bengal Tiger. However, you can discover many other wild species in the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary like jungle cats, wild dogs, caracal, jaguars, jackals, wild boar, porcupine, and the rare Chital, Sambhar and Nilgai also. There is a particular region to witness a specific wild species. The Sambhar is greatly watched in Slopka and Nilgai in Kalighati and Tarunda.

Cave Exploration

Step inside the Shyamsa caves for enjoying cave paintings of historic times. You can watch paintings of rhino, elephant and many more. The caves are perfect for those who have interest in history. Near the cave region, you can witness guggul herb, a very unique Indian herb, integral part of Ayurveda medicine.

Visit the Erotic Monument

Situated inside the Sariska National Park, on a secluded mountain, the Neelkanth temple of 6th century stands. This temple is celebrated for various attractions like erotic statues. Just like Khajuraho, this temple also represents erotic artworks within the temple premises. There is also a grand Jain temple near to the Neelkanth temple.

Pandupol Hanuman Temple

Found within the tiger reserve, a historic temple stands with a breathtaking waterfall. The temple is rich with numerous birds and small mammals. This temple has a vital mythological role due to its link with Mahabharata. People go to this temple for pilgrimage activities and enjoying the picturesque waterfall. The trail to the temple is definitely rough and steep. 

Safari Timing during Winter

Morning Timings –  6:30 AM to 10:30 AM\

Evening Timings –  2 PM to 6 PM

Safari Timing during Summer

Morning Timings –  6 AM to 10 AM

Evening Timings –  2:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Sariska Tiger Reserve Entry Fee

Indians – INR 80/per person

Foreigners – INR 470/- per person

Video Camera –  INR 400/-

Best Places to Stay in Sariska

1. Wildlife Camps

This is a thrilling experience by camping in nature and near to the Sariska Tiger Reserve. These tents with canvas walls give amenities for your requirements. To feel more of the nature visit gazebos, swimming pools, etc. Distance to the Tiger Reserve is around 16 km.

2. Sariska Palace

Visit the Sariska Palace that is located on the borders of the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. Feel relaxed with the natural surroundings by staying in alluring resort while witnessing the French regal architecture of the Palace. Calm yourself while swimming, fitness & spa, courtyards, lawns, etc. and try Wildlife Safari as it is very close to the Sariska Jungles.

3. Sariska Resort

This is placed amidst the great Aravali hills around 20 km from Sariska Tiger Reserve and 3 km from the serene Siliserh Lake. The facilities here are running hot or cold water, rooftop or green open-air sit out area, cots, and delightful food in the 10 exquisite rooms in the Resort.

4. Tiger Heaven Resort

It is near to the region and around 4 hours from Delhi and 2 hours from Jaipur. The resort includes terracotta rooftop luxury tents (16), comfortable cottages (10), spacious rooms (14) and a fancy restaurant that serves exotic traditional cuisine.

5. V Resorts Sariska

For fine experience at Sariska you can stay near to nature by hearing to the rare sounds of picturesque nature like bird calls. Get a chance to wake up to unique breed call in the nearby trees. This place is a choice for many travelers as it gives decent tent rooms with canvas roof and facilities like dining area, poolside, V Resort common room to unwind, gazebos, as well as sit outs. The major highlight would be traditional Rajasthani Thali served here.

Image by V Resorts

6. PRIM Resorts

This is another charming stay destination for tourists as it is located close to the Siliserh Lake and nearby to the Sariska Tiger Reserve. There is also pleasant climate as it is filled with forests and the scenic Aravalli Hills. Therefore, you can enjoy watching the lakes, hills, trees, and peaceful surroundings. To keep you entertain try indoor and outdoor games, and a Sariska National Park Safari with a swimming pool and courtyards.  

How to Reach:

Don’t forget to try some really amazing dhabas along the way!

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