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Follow these quick tips for a safe road trip!

Safety tips for road trips

Written by Ruhi Singh

July 12, 2020

Are you craving to travel? Most of the answer will come YES!

The reason for this craving is: you might not have gone to the places intended to go however, no one can stop an enthusiastic traveler to go where he intended to be.  It’s time to feed your travel cravings so let’s be ready for it.

As we all know that there are restrictions on public transport that will continue to remain even as the country unlocks due to fears of crowding and proximity with other people. So, if you have your private vehicle, it may just be the safest way to get around. 

We have listed some required measures which indeed make your road journey the safest.

1. Santize your car to keep it clean and virus-free

Disinfect door handles with at least 70% alcohol-based sanitizing solutions.  Sanitize seat cover or use disposable car seat covers. Use an alcohol-based rub or sanitizing wipe to disinfect speedometers, tablets, or any other touchscreens installed in the car.  One can use soap water solution to wipe the steering wheel and dashboard avoiding all electronic parts. Wash the foot mats much more regularly now to maintain proper hygiene. Don’t forget to wear gloves while cleaning, and wash hands properly after the process is done.

2. Use FastTag

As we are talking about road journeys through cars that indicate the movement will be done majorly through the road networks of the country. So, it’s time to say no to cash exchange and go around digitally when it comes to paying tolls. As it is the safest mode for toll transactions on national highways. Moreover, using a fast tag facility, we can minimize the chances of spreading coronavirus as there is no human contact between drivers and the toll booth workers.

3. Ordering meal for takeaway from restaurant

While travelling, one can come in contact with a lot of things which can be a breeding house for germs. For instance, for ordering a meal we generally have a menu card which can also be a house of germs, thus here too we should go digitally. However, you can use FoodViraam’s app to order your food online from hygienic restaurants on highways and satiate their hunger by the zero-contact takeaway facility. It got a digital menu card from where you can order your meal and can take away it from take away counter.

4. Use online payment on petrol pumps

Contactless payments or digital payments have come up as a new option for most of us because we are more conscious of what we touch. So, not only for paying tolls, but ordering meals we should also go cashless while doing transactions at petrol pumps. These preventives can help us during our travel. Although there are some general safety measures such as wearing masks, sanitizing hands, avoiding close contact with people must be followed along with the above-mentioned points.

Thus, it’s time to get ready to for what inspires you the most ‘Roadtrip’. Make it safer with FoodViraam.

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