Hey Travel Buddy!

12.07.19 14:04 By Kunwar

Hey There!


If wandering and traveling all across the globe is your thing then I am just like you. Whether I’m travelling on the bike or inside some local bus, I cherish every part of the journey. Just like you, for me  the vehicle doesn’t matter. It is the idea of keep moving and exploring , from one place to another that matters the most. From Jaipur to Chandratal or Jaisalmer to Mysore, I must discover everything that comes my way. 

While I’m driving on the highway, where to stop next is definitely a big task for me. Oh! for you as well? Cool, we are now travel buddies. I am here to solve this problem for you. Let’s create a brand which we can trust for hygienic washrooms and good quality food. Yeah, washroom before the food because that’s how it works.

Thus what we are carrying in our bag? Nothing! Let’s go to the market and fill this up, so that we can make it easy for every road tripper finding for on-road.

Your travel Buddy,


Let's explore together