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7 hygiene-related tips for an infection-free trip!!

Written by Kunwar

February 29, 2020

Health is wealth, so save your wealth for your upcoming trips by being healthy on your ongoing trip. A lot of surfing on the internet is done to check every detail about the travel destination, accommodation, alternative routes, safety measures. Has anyone of you searched about how to make a travel infection free? If this part didn’t strike you before, then now think of it before you pack your bags. Listed are some tips of personal hygiene that indeed make your travel germ free.

An obvious but important tip – Wash your hands: 

Washing hands with lukewarm water and soap is an effective way to stay clean however, it’s not always possible when you are travelling or camping. For such conditions, always keep alcohol-based sanitizer. Also, keep space in your backpack for antibacterial wipes which is not only useful to disinfect body parts or things but to remove dirt when you travel to dusty places.

Add freshness while travelling – Skin care:

If you feel confident not only from inside but also from outside, then you will enjoy the double of everything. After your sanitized hands, facial hygiene plays an important role. So, always check the climate condition and the skin type you have while travelling to places offering varying temperature and accordingly choose a moisturizer, sunscreen, lip balms, and face cleaning wipes. In the case of water shortage or no availability of water, add rinse-free facial cleanser and makeup remover that don’t require water. These options can make you feel fresh during your travelling.

Stay away bad breath – Oral hygiene:

Changing eating habits during a vacation result in a bad breath that indeed affects the freshness of a trip. During travel, oral hygiene is not difficult to maintain if you keep certain things into your bag. Use of disposable toothbrushes along with small toothpaste is the safest option for brushing your teeth as it solves the problem of keeping the toothbrush clean and dry which would become a shelter to several microbes if not dried or cleaned. There are many other options available that can help freshen the breath such as mint, gum, and mouth-fresheners. Listerine – a powerful pocket mist solution, in your bag surely keeps the breath clean and fresh. 

Go a long way – Body hygiene:

Everyone feels fresh after taking a shower however, this feeling cannot be felt at the time of trekking or camping or even during travelling for long hours. In such cases, body odor becomes one of the greatest enemies of real joy. To avoid such situations, keep no-rinse body wash and shampoo. It can help to some extent to make you feel fresh and clean. Trim or clean your nails, tie your hair so that it is less exposed to heat and dirt and drink plenty of bottled water to keep yourself hydrated. Keep deodorants, perfumes, talcum powder, cotton or wrinkled free clothes in your bag along with some scarfs that can be used for multiple purposes. Moreover, have some room in your backpack for clean sets of towels and napkins while you are on a go.

Treat me well and make me clean – Menstruation:

If you are a female traveler, then take proper precaution during your periods as this time the female body is more prone to infections. Cleanliness is the key parameter to protect your body from infections. However, travelling becomes quite challenging during this time. Don’t stress yourself still, you can enjoy a vacation, only if you have certain things in your backpacks. Carry an extra supply of sanitary pads, tampons, and cotton panties in your bags. Small trash bags to dump used pads and tampons. Keep clean supplies of toilet paper, paper towel, cleaning wipes, an antibacterial solution to make yourself free from infection. Moreover, keep some painkillers and PMS medicines while travelling on ‘those days’.

An absolute necessary tip – Toilet Hygiene: 

Many females don’t drink enough water during travel because of the fear of pee in unhygienic/unclean toilets as a result, they feel dizzy and tired due to dehydration. Not drinking enough water during a journey is not the right way to avoid infections. There are many other better options available that can make your travel infection-free. These are toiletries that include all necessary items such as tissue paper, toilet paper, paper soap, spray sanitizer for the toilet seat, and hand sanitizer.

Also, you should check nearby hygienic washrooms when road tripping in India here.

A practice – Clean surrounding:

If you are staying in a hotel, always wear flip flops or your own bathroom slippers while taking a shower to protect your feet from unwanted infections. If possible, keep clean linen into your bag that can be useful for your stay at any place. Carry some big and small trash bags in which you can dump dirty clothes or things. Always sanitized items that you keep all the time such as mobile phones, wallets or purses, car keys, etc. Moreover, wash or sanitize your hands before and after eating meals, this habit will keep you away from illness.

Following these hygiene related tips certainly make you explore your dream destinations even with more confidence in you. So, let’s set go on an infection free trip.

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